’Tis the season

Vikki Bowes-Mok
2 min readDec 29, 2020


“We got a donation; we are close to making our goal!”

This was the cheery and excited text I got from my friend, who is the executive director of a local nonprofit. It was a burst of brightness in otherwise dark times.

It was a reminder that there are hundreds of hard-working nonprofits making a meaningful difference in our community.

It was a reminder that nonprofits across Silicon Valley are supporting our health care system, feeding the hungry in our community and lifting up the lives of people who are struggling.

It was a reminder that every dollar makes a difference — whether it’s $10 or $100 or $1,000 — these nonprofits exist to make our community better — for everyone. If you need help, these nonprofits are eager to serve you and if you can offer help, they are ready to put your money and time to good use. Did you know that nearly one-third of annual giving occurs in December; wouldn’t it be cool if that number grew in 2020?

There are so many examples of people — just like you and me — who are helping these nonprofits shine.

I have friends who took their travel budget for 2020 and decided to invest it in nonprofits across our community — they aren’t tucking it away for next year but rather spreading joy and goodwill to grateful nonprofits.

I have another friend who is able to volunteer and she helped a local nonprofit pack up 1,500 boxes of fresh, delicious food that will be distributed to hungry families across the valley.

And, of course, my Mom is always a great example of how to give back. After we decided we will be having a Zoom Christmas, she asked us if she could make a donation to a local food bank instead of buying gifts. Of course, we were all thrilled with the idea!

It reminded me of my grandparents who taught us all about giving back. Every Christmas Eve, we would gather in their cozy home and gratefully open one gift of warm pajamas and then we would excitedly open our envelopes from a local nonprofit that they had supported. Because every dollar donated makes a difference in the world.

It feels good to give back — however you can. It might be making a donation, volunteering with a local nonprofit or just smiling and being kind to everyone you meet.

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com.